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Top 8 Foldable Pool Tables - what to look for in a folding pool table!
Last updated 10th May, 2022

Why choose a foldable pool table?

There are some huge pros to going for a folding pool table over a regular one, especially if you’re on a budget. One of the biggest reasons that often gets overlooked is installation. Some companies charge a premium to deliver a regular table due to their difficulty to install. On top of that, foldable tables are portable too so are a lot easier to move around once in the house, and of course save space when folded up which makes entertaining a whole lot easier.

The only thing to watch out for is quality - the main benefit of a folding pool table is that it’s likely to be cheaper than a regular one, but be cautious not to go too low on price as you can be left with a table that wears easily or gets uneven over time. There’s nothing worse than a table that slants one way or the other… but not to worry, if you shop smart, choosing a folding pool table should never mean compromising on quality. You'll find everything you need here to make the right decision for you, from our top rated tables below to our handy pool table size chart with room dimensions.

Our top folding pool tables

1. Signature Stewart Folding Pool Table

Arguably the greatest value for money of all foldable pool tables on the market today, the Signature Stewart Folding Pool Table is not only brand new (which means it brings with it all the latest updates and improvements Home Leisure Direct has to offer), but it's made with a sturdy MDF bed, a slick black frame and Tournament-style blue cloth, all in a choice of size (6ft or 7ft). What we love most about this table is the way the supplier has taken on customer feedback to create something with all the bells and whistles new and more advanced players will want in a foldable pool table - robust build, sturdy chrome corners and feet, leg levellers to suit any home, a pool ball holder and drop pockets (our favourite), all with a full set of accessories (balls, triangle, cues, chalk, table tennis bats & balls). We enjoyed not having to dig our hands into weak pockets whenever a ball is potted, and the speed of play does feel a step above the cheaper tables in our list. As a more budget folding pool table though cloth doesn't feel as smooth as other more premium tables on the market, but you'll have to look elsewhere than folding pool tables if that's what you're after.

They say it comes at an unbeatable price, and from all of our research we're inclined to agree with them.


  • Great value for money
  • Built to last with a sturdy MDF bed and chrome corners
  • Available in multiple sizes (6ft or 7ft)


  • Larger and heavier than typical folding pool tables

2. HLC Folding Pool Table with Green Cloth (6ft)

This flexible HLC table comes in traditional green cloth with brown wood frame. One of the benefits of a lighter table like this is that it folds up easily to stand vertically on its own legs so will fit neatly into a cupboard or to the side of the room. It only took us a matter of seconds to fold it away. It's one of the lowest priced tables on the market, which is great for those on a budget, but the table certainly doesn't feel as robust as others. The leather around the pockets are more for aesthetic than they are utility, as they don't offer much protection to the string pockets below. The engineered wood frame offers basic protection, but if you intend to repeatedly put the pool table away you will start to see some wear and tear around the cushions, so do treat it with care.


  • Low price for a large table (6ft)
  • Traditional colours and aesthetic for a more professional feel


  • Made from engineered wood which can be prone to damage from repeated use
  • Minimal bounce when the balls hit the cushions so gameplay can feel slow

3. Tekscore Folding-leg Pool Table with Table Tennis Top (5ft)

For those that enjoy a good game of table tennis as well as pool, this is a brilliant compromise with its table tennis top which sits securely on top of the pocket rubbers. And the best thing about it is the cost… as it’s no more expensive to many other tables on our list which means no premium is paid for the multi-use ability! All-in-all a great buy, with metal legs for durability and levelling feet. What you do lose with this multi-games table is the range of accessories that many other tables that are more set up for pool can offer (though these can be purchase separately), and a less common size in 5.5ft. However, when testing out this pool table we found the playing experience to be superior than others in the same price range thanks to the rubber cushions and metal frame - you can get a really good bounce of the cushions which makes for a more exciting, quick game.


  • Multi-games table with pool and table tennis
  • Levelling feet to suit an uneven surface
  • Metal folding legs to offer greater durability and even gameplay
  • Rubber cushions giving the balls more bounce for a more professional feel


  • Minimal accessories compared to other low price tables
  • Not available in 6ft, only 5.5ft

4. Pureline Folding Pool & Snooker Table (6ft)

Pureline is a real expert when it comes to cutting edge design of pool tables, making premium slate bed tables all the way down to sleek, compact foldable pool tables like this one. However, it's the less premium tables that you could argue are a bit more new to them. With all of their tables, the one thing they have in common is that they're designed for performance. This pool table offers pretty good value when compared to the rest of the range, as the overall look, feel, and playing experience are definitely considered. As a 6ft pool table too, it's a great option for those just starting out who want to hone their skills before progressing to something with superior features in their range. You'll be able to see more of the manufacturing components like the screws around the pockets and legs, but we've found this is easily forgotten when playing. If aesthetic isn't something that's make or break for you, Pureline is a trustworthy provider and you're unlikely to see too much wear and tear too quickly.


  • Low price for a large table (6ft)
  • Multiple choices of finish (dark walnut or oak)
  • Impressive set of accessories not common at this price range


  • Thin metal legs which will require tightening over time
  • Exposed manufacturing components

5. Tekscore Folding-leg Multi-Games Table (5ft)

Next up, this awesome fold away pool table has two games in one, that’s both pool and air hockey, in a really clever reversible unit! We found it to be effortless swapping between games - it just needs to be simply rotated, and its innovative vertical storage means it can fold up even thinner than most, saving even more room when needed. If you're looking for something on the smaller side you're in luck as it's not too large at 5ft, but this does compromise the quality of gameplay when playing pool as the balls gather up in the same place quite easily. Remember that the air hockey does need to be plugged in to the mains, so make sure you have the right space for it. If we're being critical too, the strength of the air coming from the fan is a little on the weaker side and is likely to deteriorate over time, but we found that it's evenly spread across the surface which might feel like a minimum expectation but there's a wide range of quality in this department when it comes to air hockey tables so we're happy with it! Let’s face it, how great would it be to have an air hockey table at home. Again, this comes with a good amount of accessories and definitely those needed for a good game of air hockey and pool.


  • Multi-games table with pool and air hockey (which is definitely novel)
  • Built to last with a sturdy MDF structure
  • Rare vertical folding so not need to stand it up against a wall


  • Relatively weak fan after heavy use
  • Requires more storage than most tables due to playing surfaces on both sides
  • Must be plugged into the mains when playing air hockey

6. Charles Bentley Premium Pub Style Pool Table (6ft)

For its size and stature (it's on the bigger side) this pool table boasts good value for money, and is suited to the whole family as it's large enough for adults but robust and durable enough for younger players. We particularly like the aesthetic of this table, with the light brown wood and light green cloth, keeping things traditional. As with all of our folding pool tables this one folds up safely and securely for convenient storage, and can be kept vertical without the need to rest against a wall. The real benefits are its size, the fact that it comes with everything you need to get started right away (including 2 48" cues, snooker and pool balls, a triangle, and even a table brush), and its simple aesthetic. Unfortunately the gameplay does let it down a bit as the frame is made from engineered wood and not the preferred MDF - we didn't have any issues when giving this table a go, but over time this becomes a greater consideration with fears of wear and tear and the cloth coming away from the sides.


  • Low price for a large table (6ft)
  • Rare vertical folding so not need to stand it up against a wall


  • Made from engineered wood which can be prone to damage from repeated use
  • Relatively weak pockets and leather supports
  • No rubber protection on the base of the table so can leave marks or scratches when not moved carefully

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Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing your table, make sure you consider these four things before committing to buying anything:


Be sure to measure your space correctly before anything else. Typically, the space you need between the wall and the table is twice the length of the cue (around 100-110 inches), and that goes for each of the four sides. We've created an easy to follow pool table size chart with room dimensions to help you choose the right size for the space you have.

Folding Style

The main two options here are those that stand up on their own when folded, and those that need to be rested against a wall. Make sure you consider where you plan on storing your table when it’s not in use as well as how you move it - most folding tables are portable pool tables too.


Whilst the price of regular pool tables can vary considerably, folding pool tables tend to stay within the region of £100 to £750 ($120 to $900). Sometimes it can be worth paying a bit more for a table that keeps sturdy over time.

Single or multi-game

Some folding pool tables offer multiple games to be played, from table tennis to air hockey. These tend to either be with alternative playing tops that can slide on, or as a table with different games on either side. If you're interested in buying a multi games table, you should read our Best Multi Games Table blog.

Ok, so if this is all hitting the mark, then wait no more and search through our list of the best 8 fold away pool tables above! But if you're still not sure, there are some great alternatives to make the most of space without compromising on playing quality. Check out our blog on the Top Outdoor Pool Tables if you've got an outside area that's made for entertaining, or our blog on the Top Pool Dining Tables for a more creative way to be efficient on space.

So there we have it, when it comes to finding an entry-level pool table that still suits the more advanced players when they learn their way around the table, a folding pool table really is your best bet. And for us, you just can't compete with the Signature Stewart Folding Pool Table - that's our top pick!

For the rest of your man cave needs and desires, why not explore our site or head over to the Pool & Snooker section to see more posts and recommended products!

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