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Top 7 Pool Dining Table Reviews and Buying Guide!
Last updated 31st March, 2022

Let’s set the scene. You’re hosting an epic dinner party and everyone is having a great time, but the evening feels like it’s coming to a close and you’re not quite ready for it to end, when… BOOM!

Just like that you turn the dining table everyone has been sitting around all evening into a sleek pool table - the party keeps going into the night and everyone thinks you’re the best host ever…

Why choose a pool dining table?

Ok so maybe you’re daydreaming and more realistically for most of you, a dual purpose table is the only way you can convince your sceptical other half to let you buy a pool table for the house. Either way you’ve made a great choice! Fusion pool dining tables are both an efficient use of space - you don’t need a separate pool room - and a great feature for your home.

In this post we’ve covered a few of the key things to consider when choosing a table, and we’ve reviewed our top 7 from around the internet. Pool dining tables can range in price from around £400 ($500) up to thousands, so we’ve focused on the more affordable end of the market, but there’s a special bonus table at the end that’s not to be missed, even if it is just to dream about how to spend those lottery winnings...

Top Pool Dining Tables

1. Pureline 7ft Multi Games & Dining Table

Want to turn your dining room into the ultimate games room? Then look no further. This Pureline triples up as a pool table, air hockey table, and table tennis table, all the while being easily converted into a dining table by flipping over the table tennis top. An extremely popular choice due to its versatility and durability, it’s also the first table in our list to operate a revolving mechanism, making it even more awesome! If you want to explore the idea of buying a multi games table further, then make sure you check out our Best Multi Games Tables blog.

2. The Amalfi II Pool Dining Table & Table Tennis Top (6ft or 7ft)

The Amalfi II is the new and improved version of its predecessor, the Amalfi. ‘What makes it better?’, we hear you ask. The first thing you notice is the design; this table is super sleek and will look absolutely fantastic in your home. Secondly, the table is customisable, so you can choose either 6ft or 7ft in length, and there are 3 finishes to pick from (pictured here is the Driftwood) - so there’ll be something to suit all tastes. Thirdly, the two-piece table top can be reversed and turned into a table tennis top! This pool table with dining top really does have it all...

3. Pureline 6ft Pool Dining Table

Our top choice pool dining table is this beautiful 6ft table from Pureline, which offers incredible value for money. It’s one of the cheapest on the market but it’s good quality, looks fantastic and comes with a choice of three styles: white, wood, and driftwood (pictured below). It would suit any modern interior and the icing on the cake is that when you flip over the table top, it turns into a ping pong table! It’s in high demand so make sure you get your hands on one while you still can!

4. Signature Newman Pool Dining Table & Table Tennis Top

What the very best pool dining tables have in common are two things: a pool table with a sturdy build and high-quality playing surface, as well as a stylish dining table that's easy to transition to. Let's just say the Signature Newman Pool Dining Table has both of those things and then some! At an impressively affordable price and options in 6ft or 7ft making it suitable for any dining room, this table also comes with a highly responsive table tennis table top which blows away the competition. A robust and sturdy build from MDF make it a fantastic pool table, tennis table and dining table. It really is the complete pack and our top pick in the list! This table is also available in a white oak finish.

5. Grafica Srl 7ft Dark Wood Pool Dining Table

Moving into the mid-range tables, this dark wood, green cloth table is perfect for someone looking for a more traditional table to fit into their spacious man cave or dining room. Aided by the slim design and widely spread legs, it can seat 8 people and the pockets are nicely hidden in the corners. Dark wood is back in fashion and we love this look!

6. Fusion 7ft Outdoor Slate Bed Pool Dining Table

Ever thought about an outdoor pool dining table?! If not then you’re missing out. This beauty is weather resistant and comes with an awesome two-piece smoked glass top. Just imagine it out on the patio… you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood! If we’ve whetted your appetite for an outdoor pool table, check out our reviews of the Top Outdoor Pool Tables for even more man cave inspiration!

7. Avant Garde 2.0 Slate Bed Pool Dining Table

This table really is something special. Besides looking stunning and being great quality, it is fully customisable, meaning you can choose from two sizes (6ft or 7ft), six frame styles, five cloth colours, and two table top styles. You can even buy matching benches to make sure your dining room is looking super sleek throughout. There’s no way you won’t find the perfect style for your home with this one!

8. VIP Revolving Slate Bed Pool Table

And last but by no means least we have our first revolving pool table. This table rotates on an axis so all you have to do to switch between pool and dining is spin it around! Be warned, it comes at a price, but this would be a real showstopper at any dinner party or in any man cave. It’s fully customisable, and if you’re feeling particularly indulgent you can upgrade to include an automatic rotation mechanism so you can sit back and relax while the table switches itself transformer-style!

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Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing your table, make sure you consider these four things before buying:


Most pool dining tables come in the standard UK size of 7ft x 4ft, or the slightly smaller 6ft x 3ft. A good rule of thumb is that you’ll comfortably fit 6 people around a 6ft table, and you’re more likely to squeeze 8 around the 7ft table. Both options are great for playing pool, so it comes down to how much space you have in the house and how many people you plan to invite round for dinner to make sure it has the right dining top! Take a look at our easy to follow pool table size chart with room dimensions post to help choose the right size table for you.


Given this will be an integral part of your furniture, it’s particularly important to choose a table in a style that suits your home decor and your taste. There’s a lot to think about, from the design and shape of the frame, to the colour, the cloth and the table top. Here at Mancaves HQ, we love the sleek plain black look, but others prefer something more traditional. We recommend choosing one that doesn’t look like a pool table until you take the table top off, if nothing else just to see the look on your guests’ faces when you reveal it!

How to switch the table between pool and dining

Most pool dining tables have a two-piece table top that you simply lay over the top of the pool table. This works well but if you want a real showstopper then go for a revolving table - check out no.6 on the list below. Be warned though, it does come at a price...


As you’ll all be sitting at this table to eat, it’s important to pick one with good legroom; a slimmer frame will guarantee more comfort while you’re dining. Some tables also have the option to buy matching chairs or benches to maintain a consistent style in your home.

So that rounds up our top 7 pool dining tables and buying guide! But we couldn’t leave without giving you a glimpse of the Zen Slate Bed Pool Table below. It’s not cheap (read: very expensive) but it’s one of the best looking pool tables we’ve ever seen and it can be converted into a stylish dining table with a beautiful dining top. One for the pipe dream, perhaps, but if any of our readers are planning on winning the lottery this weekend then we’d suggest checking it out!

With a broad range of fantastic pool dining tables to choose from, it makes choosing our favourite that little more challenging. However, we've made our decision! Our top pick for pool dining tables is the brand new Signature Newman Pool Dining Table & Table Tennis Top from Home Leisure Direct. Enjoy and thank us later.

For the rest of your man cave needs and desires, why not explore our site or head over to the Pool & Snooker section to see more posts and recommended products!

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