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Top 6 Outdoor Pool Tables and Covers: Reviews and Buying Guide!
Last updated 31st March, 2022

Why choose an outdoor pool table?

If you can’t find the space indoors or perhaps your garden or patio is fantastic for entertaining, buying an outdoor pool table can be a very worthwhile investment. The main benefit is that they’re designed to be sturdy so they last for years, with waterproof playing surfaces and covers, heavy duty builds and often aluminium rails for added support.

However, with so many out there it can be hard to find the best one for the space you’ve got, and one that really is suitable for all weathers. We’ve done the hard work and found the top highly-rated outdoor pool tables from trusted retailers, all of which are outdoor verified, have all-weather playing surfaces and are made with the strongest materials. Oh, and they look seriously stylish too.

Top 6 Outdoor Pool Table Reviews

1. Fusion Outdoor Slate Bed Pool Dining Table

This is our first fusion pool table review in the list and it's already the best of the bunch, bringing the qualities of an indoor dining table pool table with its slide-on glass top and the robust build of an outdoor one. It has a simple, contemporary style look to go with any outdoor space and furniture, again with adjustable height feet for superior playing quality. You'd be hard pressed to find an outdoor table at this low price that still offers a fantastic playing surface whilst protecting you from the great outdoors.

Key features:

  • Size: 7ft
  • Accessories: 2x cues, 1x balls (red & yellow), triangle, chalk, shower-proof table cover
  • Material and build: Weather resistant marine plywood construction with steel slate support and stylish aluminium legs with adjustable height
  • Playing surface: ¾ inch precision ground slate bed, also doubles up as an outdoor dining table with slide-on glass table top
  • Other: In-built ball return system and release

2. Tempo Garden 7ft Outdoor Slate Bed Pool Table

One of the more luxurious outdoor pool tables to choose from (albeit not at a luxurious price tag!), made with waterproofed fibreglass to achieve the same durable quality but with superior style. This table can come free-play or coin-operated to make your outdoor space feel ever more professional. In yellow and cream, certainly a unique option and one of our personal favourites.

Key features:

  • Size: 7ft
  • Accessories: 2x 57” cues, 1x balls (spots & stripes), corner cue stand, triangle, 2x rests, chalks, ball cleaner
  • Material and build: Waterproof fibreglass frame and legs, with tempered aluminium rails
  • Playing surface: top quality diamond-honed slate bed
  • Other: Magnetic cue-ball and in-built ball release system (optional to be coin-operated)

3. Signature Tournament Pro 7ft Pool Table

Next, this heavy duty English pool table is built with a plywood cabinet making it somewhat stronger than other MDF cabinets, and as such is well suited to a broad range of playing locations such as garages or conservatories that are more likely to get humid or damp. The use of chrome for the table’s corner caps and feet make it even sturdier too. Now, whilst this table isn’t technically an outdoor pool table (Home Leisure Direct won’t cover you for damage from playing on it outdoors), it’s a great middle-ground if you want to spend most of the time playing indoors in place less protected, by you might want to drag it outside for a treat given how cheap it is compared to other outdoor pool tables.

Key features:

  • Size: 7ft or 6ft
  • Accessories: 2x full-size cues, 1x balls (aramith reds & yellows), triangle, chalk
  • Material and build: plywood cabinet with chrome metal corner caps and finish feet
  • Playing surface: high-quality cloth and Super Response™ Cushion Rubber
  • Other: noise-reducing ball return box

4. Toulet Broadway Outdoor Pool Table

The second fusion pool table in our list is this high-spec, stylish table that comes in various sizes to fit the space you have. It has a glass top that easily slides on making it an impressive piece for outdoor parties and BBQs, all with anti-rust treatment and an anti-UV-treated playing cloth, and a wide array of accessories.

If you think a pool dining table could be the better bet for you, take a look at a range of them in our blog on Top Pool Dining Tables.

Key features:

  • Size: Various (7ft, 8ft)
  • Accessories: 4x cues, 1x balls (Aramith), triangle, table brush, chalk pack, cue rack, table cover
  • Material and build: Metal chassis and ball return with anti-rust treatment and coated slate, also convertible to a dining surface with removable stylish top
  • Playing surface: anti-UV treated cloth
  • Other: Perforated hardware to enable water to drain

5. Outback Pro Slate Bed Pool Table

First up, this sturdy, pub-style outdoor pool table is made with a marine ply build making it more than suitable for the great outdoors. In case you struggle to find somewhere with an even surface, its adjustable metal feet are a fantastic solution. A great combination of style and substance makes it great value.

Key features:

  • Size: 7ft
  • Accessories: 2x pool cues, 1x balls (red & yellow), triangle, chalk, shower-proof table cover
  • Material and build: Made with marine plywood for outdoor playing, in a pub-style wedge shaped build, and adjustable metal feet for leveling
  • Playing surface: ¾ inch thick precision slate bed playing surface
  • Other: In-built ball return system

6. Pureline California Outdoor Slate Bed Pool Table

Perhaps our most versatile and sleek outdoor pool tables in our list, this one doubles up as a pool dining table too with a beautiful aesthetic meaning it looks just as good indoors as it does outdoors. If that's not enough, it comes with a table tennis kit as well to act as a multi-games table to fit any mood. It's hard to fault the design with its powder-coated, moulded aluminium offering a sturdy yet chic finish, perfectly suiting outdoor dining occasions. Finally, the long list of accessories with this outdoor pool dining table are a real joy.

Key features:

  • Size: 7ft
  • Accessories: 2x heavy duty cues, 1x balls (spots and stripes), heavy duty outdoor cover, triangle, chalk, cue rack, brush, rule book, table tennis kit
  • Material and build: Powder-coated, moulded Aluminium construction with a choice of finish in white or stone
  • Playing surface: single piece of 1/2 inch slate
  • Other: optional benches for an outdoor pool dining table

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Buying Guide

Here are the three essential things to know before choosing your perfect outdoor pool table:

Size and space

A major benefit of an outdoor pool table is space: you’re less likely to contend with walls or low ceilings, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to measure the space you’ve got. In the UK pool tables tend to be 7ft in length with a 6ft playing surface. So you’ll want at least 4ft of space either side of the table (about twice the length of a typical pool cue). If space is a consideration take a look at our simple pool table size chart with room dimensions.

Outdoor verified

Most importantly, make sure the pool table you choose is clearly suitable to be played on outside. This means checking for three things:

1. Waterproof playing surface

Finding a table with a waterproof cloth is essential, as otherwise your table will quickly suffer from wear and tear and exposure to the elements

2. Made with high-quality materials

Look out for frames that are made using steel, aluminium, marine plywood or waterproof fibreglass for the best quality, sturdy tables

3. Comes with a well-fitting cover

Even if you’ve found the ideal heavy duty table with a waterproof cloth, it’s still worth checking to see if it comes with a cover or buying one separately if not


Remember, due to their sturdy builds and waterproof playing surfaces, outdoor pool tables that you can be sure to trust tend to come with higher price tags than the more compact and flexible tables like folding pool tables. Prices typically start from £1,000 ($1,250), and are worth it for the superior playing quality.

If you think a folding pool table could be more up your street, take a look at our blog on the Top Foldable Pool Tables.

And there you have it, a review of the best UK outdoor pool tables with outdoor pool table covers that the internet has to offer, all from the most trusted retailers. We hope we’ve helped you make your mind up, and to complete any man cave don't forget to check out the rest of our site and the Pool & Snooker section!

Our favourite outdoor pool table is the Fusion Outdoor Slate Bed Pool Dining Table thank to its high quality at a low cost approach. You won't find something at this price that offers such great playing quality whilst still protecting you from the elements outdoors.

Affiliate disclaimer: on some or all of the products above, we receive a small commission if you make a purchase via our site. This does not impact the price you pay, but it allows us to keep helping people by writing these reviews, so thank you!

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