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Top 15 Home and Corner Bar Reviews and Buying Guide!
Last updated 20th May, 2020

Finding the right home bar with all the bells and whiskeys you want can feel a tiny bit daunting. The internet is flooded with them, from enormous professional-looking corner bars that you’ll feel you need an alcohol license for, to the more reserved, stylish bar cabinets or drinks trolleys with space for those vintage glasses you always save for special occasions.

We’ve broken the decision down to three big questions in our buying guide down below. Once you’ve answered these you’ll be ready in no time to pick from the 15 very best home bars that we’ve found! So without further ado, here are our favourite home bars from around the web...

In this review, we discuss;

Our top 15 home bars

1. Charcoal Grey Bar Unit

A stunning vintage-style bar set-up complete with two fixed shelves and space for 12 bottles. The storage space is a huge selling-point for this one, so great for entertaining the troops. Its charcoal grey colour with mango wood countertop will add a bit of vibrancy to any man cave.

Height: 104cm, Width: 116cm, Depth: 48cm

2. Miami Mirrored Home Bar Unit

If vintage isn’t your thing this retro, designer bar might be just what you’re after to add a little excitement and ‘old school’ to your man cave. It just screams cocktail umbrellas and pina coladas. Another choice with more than enough storage space and a mini wine glass rack.

Height: 102cm, Width: 130cm, Depth: 48cm

3. Dunster House Corner Bar Counter

Everybody loves a project, right? This corner bar comes with bags of storage space, and whilst its design might leave something to be desired it’s a brilliant DIY option for you to design and decorate your way! Put those Pinterest boards to good use for a change and get creative.

Height: 170cm, Width: 120cm, Depth: 179cm

4. Traditional Solid Wood Home Bar

A little pricier than the rest but you can see why with its brilliant hand-made features and large cubby hole in the rear. The stainless steel hand and foot rails certainly add a bit of class whilst staying fairly simplistic. And you definitely can’t fault its quality. A great option if you’re looking to make a statement with a permanent addition to your mancave.

Height: 83cm, Width: 196cm, Depth: 106cm

5. Metal Industrial Bar Unit on Castors

If you’re looking for something with serious style but a large home bar feels a step too far, or maybe you’re struggling a little for space, this industrial bar cabinet can be a worthy choice. It’s got space for your drinks and removable shelves at the back, and is on wheels so your guests don’t even need to come to the bar. You can wheel it over to them!

Height: 98cm, Width: 85cm, Depth: 40cm

6. Sacramento Home Bar

You’ve got three different colours to pick from with this stylish, minimalist home bar, offering enough choice to go with any room or design scheme. It’s a great alternative to a bar cabinet with its open shelves to really show off your extensive booze collection and vintage glassware!

Height: 104cm, Width: 113cm, Depth: 40cm

7. Calia Bar Table in Oak

This contemporary bar table with a sleek rustic wooden surface can add some real character to a man cave. The iron frame is a great addition ensuring high quality that will last. It won’t take up the whole room but is high enough to present an inspiring spread of cocktails or a few choice whiskeys for any sophisticated night in.

Height: 90cm, Width: 120cm, Depth: 45cm

8. SPIGA 2-Door Bar Cabinet

If storage space is what you’re after without breaking the bank, this 2-door bar cabinet from Maison du Monde is a brilliant option, with purpose-built wine rack, glass holders and plenty of space for bottles and even accessories. The shelves are adjustable as well to suit your needs! Great for adding a hint of class to a room.

Height: 120cm, Width: 108cm, Depth: 50cm

9. Williston Forge Staley Mini Bar

Looking to make a bit of a statement or in search of a talking point? This mini bar in the shape of an oil barrel will certainly do just that! It doesn’t have the space that a full corner bar might or a cabinet packed with shelves. Its simple style also leaves room to add your own finishing touches to bring it to life!

Height: 80cm, Width: 42cm, Depth: 42cm

10. Riya Bar Cart by John Lewis & Partners

Another brilliantly stylish piece from John Lewis as an alternative to a traditional bar or cabinet. Its wide shelves offer enough space to really fill it up with your favourite spirits and wines, all on wheels too so wherever the party moves, your trusty bar cart can follow! The gold leg frames might be a bit marmite but they’re sure to add a bit of luxury.

Height: 74cm, Width: 73cm, Depth: 37cm

11. Anself Bar Globe and Wine Container

Who hasn’t spent their whole adult life wanting a vintage globe bar? It’s on the wish list of every man cave enthusiast out there and the ancient map on this one makes it an absolute winner. Made from solid wood with wheels that make it easily moveable, all at a fraction of the cost of a full home bar. This also comes with or without a side table! Genius.

Height: 102cm, Width: 47cm, Depth: 47cm

12. Rusty Serving Cart

Here comes stylish simplicity at its absolute max. This serving cart is a real no thrills option, and with a few South Asian trinkets and a selection of interesting spirits can become a talking point for the room. A really nice sized cart with wheels allowing you to be flexible with your space. A real all-rounder!

Height: 83cm, Width: 91.5cm, Depth: 35.5cm

13. Truck Front Home Bar with Wine Storage

If you’re looking for WOW factor then look no further. This home bar in the style of a truck front will transport you and your guests all the way to exotic Goa, India. It comes complete with two surfaces, a stylish bottle rack, and plenty of storage space in behind. This bar is enough to light up any party!

Height: 108cm, Width: 160cm, Depth: 35cm

14. Palm Tree Print Corrugate Metal and Wood Bar

Did somebody say surf party? This palm tree print tiki bar unit is your very own slice of the Californian beaches. Picture yourself serving your friends their favourite cocktails, with all the space you’ll need for ingredients in the fitted wooden shelves and glass storage rack. Huddle around this stylish piece and share stories from your travels overseas.

Height: 100cm, Width: 105cm, Depth: 46cm

15. Royal Catering Beer Tap Dispenser

Not got the space for your own bar? Impress your mates nonetheless with your very own beer tap dispenser. Master the art of pouring the perfect pint (its 5 litre capacity will mean there’ll be a lot of pints to get through, 8.8 of them every top up to be precise). With an integrated cooler you’re sure to get that crisp ‘ahhh’ every single time.

Height: 49.5cm, Width: 27cm, Depth: 48.5cm

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Buying Guide

Before choosing your home bar, consider the answer to these three questions...

1. Who's your home bar for?

Me, myself and I

Mancaves can be a real personal thing. It’s your place to sit back, relax and be yourself. You’ve earnt it!... And it’s exactly the same for home bars. If the only person who’ll be using your bar is you, you simply won’t need all the drawers, cupboards or bar stools you might need if you were entertaining. You can keep it simple with your favourite comfy chair and a stripped-back, stylish bar top. Don’t waste your money on stools that won’t get used, splash out on some great wall art or a state-of-the-art beer tap instead.

I was born to host

Ok we get it. You’re the host with the most. If you’re planning on inviting people over to get as much use out of your bar space as you can, you need to get thinking a lot more practically. First of all (and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work this one out), you just need a bigger bar. You don’t want to end up squeezing people onto a corner. You’ll also want a few bar stools or somewhere else for people to sit and get the cards out. And last but not least, storage: that’s cupboards, drawers, fridge space and more to make sure everyone’s happy!

2. What space are you working with?

The bar takes pride of place

Now we’re in business! If you’ve got the space, you can really let the bar do the talking. There’s nothing better than peering into a man cave with an absolute beauty of a bar kitted out with a wine rack and maybe even a glass hanger for your cocktail glasses. Why the hell not. Here’s where corner bars can come in real handy too just to make even more of the space you’ve got.

The bar is the icing on the cake

Some of the best bars out there are the stylish and simple ones. They get the job done and you don’t have to fork out a lot of money in the process. Home bars come in so many different sizes, and if you’ve only got a small space a large bar would only make it feel smaller and congested. You’ve got a few options: go mobile and choose a simple bar cart with wheels, get a single beer dispenser fitted to elevate your cave, or keep it stylish and sleek with a bar cabinet filled to the brim with your favourite tipples. To make the most of your space around the bar, check out these top tips for creating the perfect home bar setup and get those creative juices flowing. Your home bar, your call!

3. What’s your tipple?

A pint of old faithful

If a refreshing beer is what you like to end a week with you’ve got to be thinking one of two things: a beer dispenser for the home, or a beer fridge big enough to always have a cold one waiting for you. Beer dispensers range from your stand-alone draught beer taps that can fit on most bar surfaces to your integrated draught beer dispensers for the wall. If you’re new to the home bar game a stand-alone beer tap is a great place to start, get a feel for it and work out what you like!

The hard stuff, sipped slowly

If you’re a fan of the harder stuff, whether it’s a whiskey on the rocks or your go-to cocktail (done your way, of course), then a spirits cabinet or even a drinks trolley can be the way to go. A lot of your larger bars will come with space to keep your spirits and mixers of choice, but always make sure you get something with enough space to handle your impromptu cocktail making classes and after work drinks!

For the rest of your man cave needs and desires, why not explore our site or head over to the Home Bar section to see more posts and recommended products!

Affiliate disclaimer: on some or all of the products above, we receive a small commission if you make a purchase via our site. This does not impact the price you pay, but it allows us to keep helping people by writing these reviews, so thank you!

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