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Top 7 Dartboard with Cabinet Sets: Reviews and Buying Guide!
Last updated 31st March, 2022

A timeless classic offering endless hours of fun, darts is going from strength to strength, and nowadays no home or man cave should be without a great board up on the wall. But there’s a lot to think about when getting set up, from board to cabinet to darts and flights. So we’ve done the hard work for you in order to bring you the top 8 dartboard with cabinet sets from around the internet so you can buy everything in one go and get started straight away. And once you start, you won’t be able to stop - speaking from experience!

Below the top 8 you’ll find a helpful buying guide covering everything you need to think about when buying a darts set, but before that let’s remind ourselves why this is a great choice of purchase...

Why buy a dartboard with cabinet set?


With just one click you can buy everything you need to get started playing darts at home. All of the sets below include at least a board, cabinet, and darts, with some throwing a few extra accessories in there as well.


A stylish cabinet can become a feature in your home while at the same time covering up your (not-so-aesthetic) dartboard when you aren’t playing. If your other half isn’t so keen about the idea of a dartboard up on the wall, this might be the way to convince them!


Let’s face it, alongside the many triple twenties and bullseyes, you’re going to throw the odd stray dart. And when you do, the open cabinet will help protect the area around the board, keeping your walls untarnished and covering up all evidence of that wonky throw! Another way to protect those walls is to get a surround or backboard for your dartboard, so why not also check out our post on the Top Dartboard Surrounds and Backboards.


There are a bunch of small, easy-to-lose accessories in darts, like spare tips, flights, darts, and scoring chalk. The dartboard cabinet is a great place to store them all, while also keeping the sharp darts away from any kids.


Most cabinets will come with scoreboards built into the inside of the cabinet doors, making it easy to track the scores as you play.

Top 7 dartboard and cabinet set reviews

Without further ado, we bring you our reviews of the best dart and cabinet sets we’ve found online. There’s a nice mix of bristle, electronic and paper coil dartboards for you to explore. The only question that remains is: which one will you go for?

1. WINMAU Diamond Plus Professional Darts Set

First up we have this fantastic set from WINMAU and honestly, it’s everything you could want in a darts setup: tournament standard board, stylish black veneer-effect cabinet, quality darts, and a bunch of handy accessories. With all of this from one of the biggest brands in the business, it’s clear why this is our top choice and we couldn’t recommend it more highly. If it's out of stock on Amazon, you can also find it here at Home Leisure Direct.

What’s included:

  • WINMAU Diamond Plus tournament quality bristle dartboard
  • Dartboard cabinet, with chalk scoreboard on the door inners
  • 2x sets of steel tip darts (6 darts total)
  • Oche line - a throw line to stick to the ground
  • Chalk and towel for the scoreboard
  • Checkout table with checkout calculations

2. Unicorn Striker Darts Centre

Unicorn is another of the big names, so you know this dartboard with cabinet set won’t disappoint. Recommended for those who prefer a lighter wood effect for the cabinet, this is one of the best selling darts sets out there. It should be noted that the darts are not the highest quality, but they do the job for beginners and recreational players. If it's out of stock on Amazon you can find it here on Liberty Games.

What’s included:

  • Unicorn Striker bristle dartboard
  • Dartboard cabinet, with whiteboard scoreboard on the door inners
  • 2x sets of steel tip darts (6 darts total)
  • Whiteboard pen and cleaner

3. WINMAU MvG Mighty Mike Dartboard Cabinet Set

Towards the more affordable end of the market, this is another good set for beginners and recreational players alike. We love the black and green colour scheme of the cabinet and darts, designed in homage to the darts pro Michael Van Gerwen (aka Green Machine). A classy looking set that’s sure to suit any games room!

What’s included:

  • Bristle dartboard
  • Dartboard cabinet, with scoreboard on the door inners
  • 4x sets of steel tip darts (12 darts total)
  • Oche strip & checkout card

4. Jack Daniel's Home Darts Centre

This mid range set is another great option for beginners through to intermediate players. Branded with the famous Jack Daniel's logo, this cabinet will sit as a centrepiece in your games room with its classy black and white colour scheme. If you're buying this as a present, why not get a bottle of Jack to go along with it?

What’s included:

  • Bristle dartboard
  • Dartboard cabinet, with scoreboard on the door inners
  • 2x sets of steel tip darts (6 darts total)
  • Throwline

5. Target World Champions Dartboard and Cabinet Set

The Target home darts set represents great value for money and is endorsed by none other than Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor! The dartboard has a high durability rating so this is a great choice for anyone planning to put the hours into their darts practice. But when you do take a break, you can hide the board in this stylish wooden cabinet.

What’s included:

  • Target World Champions bristle dartboard
  • Dartboard cabinet, with whiteboard scoreboard on the door inners
  • 2x sets of steep tip darts (6 darts total)
  • Whiteboard pen

6. OneConcept Dartmaster 180

Next up is the first electronic dartboard set in our list. With a built-in scoring system that automatically tracks your darts, and a choice of 27 different games to play, there are endless hours of fun to be had. Electronic dartboards use soft tip darts so this set is also safe for the whole family. We love the simple yet stylish design of this cabinet!

What’s included:

  • Electronic dartboard with cabinet doors
  • 12 soft tip darts
  • Electronic scoring with 27 games for up to 8 players

7. Viper Bristle Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle

Despite being one of the more expensive dartboard with cabinet sets in our list, this Viper set is also one of the best selling thanks to its vintage style cabinet made with a beautiful mahogany finish. The bristle dartboard is high quality and you’ll find a helpful outchart on the inside of one of the cabinet doors to help with those tough calculations!

What’s included:

  • Viper Shot King bristle dartboard
  • Dartboard cabinet, with whiteboard scoreboard on one of the door inners
  • 2x sets of steep tip darts (6 darts total)
  • Whiteboard pen

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Buying guide

The dartboard: type and quality

The first and most important thing to consider is what type of dartboard you want. Bristle is the most common and is what the professionals use, so is the best option if you want to get some tournament practice in. But electronic dartboards are rising in popularity thanks to their safety, durability and automatic scoring - this is more of a ‘family fun’ option. You can read more about these types of boards in our popular posts on the Top Bristle Dartboards and on the Top Electronic Soft Tip Dartboards. Paper coil boards are usually cheaper but of lower quality, and you can even go for magnetic, although we don’t have any of those in this list.

It’s easy to get drawn into buying everything in one go in a set because it’s great value and convenient, but in doing so make sure that you get a dartboard that is high enough quality for your requirements. You don’t want to have to replace it a few months down the line.

The cabinet style

Remember that one of the main reasons to put a dartboard in a cabinet is because of how it looks aesthetically. Before buying, ask yourself two important questions: Does this cabinet suit the decor of the space you’re going to put it in? Is this a cabinet I’d be happy to see up on the wall everyday? One thing’s for sure, a stylish cabinet looks much better than an open dartboard!


As always, price is one of the most important considerations when making a purchase. From our experience, most bristle and electronic sets fall in the £50-100 ($65-125) range. Towards the upper end of this range you can get a great product like the WINMAU Diamond Plus Darts Set. Below this range you’re usually looking at a paper coil board, which can be a great starter set for kids, and above this range you should be getting something of real quality.

What else is included with the set

All of the sets above come with a dartboard, cabinet, and two sets of darts as standard. But look out the little extras that come with each set. These can make all the difference when getting set up, and can save you money down the line!


Make sure you’re clear on how the cabinet fixes to the wall, and that you’re happy with that option. It’s also worth checking you already have the right tools in the house, to avoid forking out more money on a new screwdriver or hammer.


So there you have it - our top 8 dartboard with cabinet sets and a buying guide to help you decide which one is best for you. To wrap up, if you’re looking for a quality set that’s going to last then look no further than the WINMAU Diamond Plus set, you can’t go wrong with it. But if you want a starter set for kids or beginners that’s priced towards the more affordable end of the scale, then the Target World Champions set is the way to go.

For the rest of your man cave needs and desires, why not explore our site or head over to the Darts section to see more posts and recommended products!

Affiliate disclaimer: on some or all of the products above, we receive a small commission if you make a purchase via our site. This does not impact the price you pay, but it allows us to keep helping people by writing these reviews, so thank you!

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