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Top 10 Adult Board and Card Games For Dinner Parties
Last updated 31st March, 2022

There comes a time in every adult life when the late nights out in sweaty clubs and kebab pit stops just don’t have the same appeal… No matter how great they used to be. We say embrace the change! Swap those happy hour jager bombs and cheesy chips for a good bottle of red and an authentic paella. Arriba!

But no night in is complete without getting out a great adult board game. No kids. Just good hard fun. We’ve had it with the classics. The umpteenth version of Monopoly or Uno with half the cards missing. There’s a new era of adult board games to try, and here’s the top ten!

Also, depending on how naughty you’re feeling (we know there’s a difference between a night in with the in-laws and the friends you’ve known since day dot…), we’ve rated each of our board games from 0-5 based on how offensive they are. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Top 10 Adult Board and Card Games For Dinner Parties

1. Blankr

Offense rating 4

Dinner guests flagging and looking for something to get everyone going? Blankr is a simple and hilariously awkward card game for 2 or more players (trust us, you’re going to want a full group for this game, though)… There are two types of cards: some brilliantly awkward questions, and some hilarious answers. I found ________ under my dad’s bed. What card would you choose…?

2. Never Have I Ever

Offense rating 3

We’ll all remember this cracker from our younger years. A game for close friends or brand new (it’s a brilliant way to get to know the neighbours, and we mean really get to know them). With Never Have I Ever you’ll be able to relive some of the funniest, most embarrassing and most awkward moments with your friends. All that’s left is for you to decide just how far you want to push those boundaries. “Tell me about that night in Cardiff again Brenda… Sebastien, wasn’t it?”

3. Exploding Kittens

Offense rating 2.png

Perhaps one of the most bizarre card games out there at the moment. But you can’t fault their honesty, it really is self-explanatory – a game for people who are into kittens, and explosives, and laser beams… and sometimes goats. This game was made insanely popular from the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter as the most backed project ever. And not to worry, this one is family-friendly, kind of…

4. Articulate

Offense rating 1

We’ve also chucked this old school adult game into the mix because let’s face it, who doesn’t love Articulate! A game for anyone and everyone, anywhere and anytime. It takes skill and speed, you have to describe a word without actually saying it. It might sound simple, but when you’ve got that timer ticking down and your friends heckling from all corners of the room you’ll be questioning your life choices that’s for sure.

5. Mindjob

Offense rating 4

A game of rules for the smart and the mentally inept, and for the smart to make fun out of the mentally inept. This is a seriously competitive adult party game where you get to punish others, that brilliantly combines psychology with profanity. The best thing about this is the optional rules that can take a (fairly) tame game into an unashamedly offensive bloodbath. Choose your company and your rules wisely… you don’t want to get this one wrong.

6. Cards Against Humanity

Offense rating 5

Arguably the most well-known and adored adult party game around, so this one simply couldn’t be left off the top ten list. It doesn’t get any more horrendous and outrageous (not forgetting hilarious) than Cards Against Humanity. If you haven’t heard of it you absolutely need to get to know. It’s the game of a generation. Even if the offense gets to critical levels you’ve got to appreciate the creativity of the geniuses that invented this game.

7. F**k The Game

Offense rating 3

Hilarious offense with a side of brain training. The game uses hysterical tricky combinations of colours and swear words to mess with your brain, and your friendships. It’s a simple flip a card and say what you see kinda game, but take ‘simple’ in the loosest sense of the world. It uses a psychological phenomenon called the Stroop effect. Brilliantly combined with a hard drinking session to really get your mind spinning.

8. Taboo

Offense rating 1

Taboo is an old classic that if you haven’t played you haven’t lived, though perhaps a bit of a struggle if you’re a few drinks down towards the end of the night. Each player takes it in turns to describe a word without using five common additional words that are normally used to describe it. Much easier said than done, believe me. A game for all the family, no worry of offense with this one. Maybe the right choice for when the in-laws are coming round. Shame…

9. Quick and Dirty

Offense rating 2.png

A game that rewards quick wits and dirty minds. What a winning combination! Nothing wrong with a little bit of offensive fun. The best thing about this one is that guests can come and go as they please without disrupting play, and the box is small enough to fit in your pocket for an afternoon pub session. There’s no wrong answers, the hard (and hilarious) part is justifying your answers…

10. Pass Out

Offense rating 2.png

Now this couldn’t really be a top ten without the world’s best-selling drinking game could it? Whether you’re just starting your night or you feel it’s time to start raising the roof, Pass Out can take you from zero to, well, passing out in no time flat. Every counter has its own forfeit for someone round the table, and is complete with hilarious tongue twisters so you can’t keep yourself to yourself as you secretly get drunker and drunker.

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