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The 5 Best Table Tennis Conversion Tops for Pool and Dining Tables in 2021
Last updated 31st March, 2022

Table tennis (or ping pong as it’s more often called in the US) is one of the most accessible sports around, as with just two paddles and a ping pong ball you can play almost anywhere as long as you’ve got a hard surface to hit the ball against. But buying a full size table tennis table isn’t the cheapest of options, which is why table tennis conversion tops are becoming increasingly popular around the world. At a fraction of the cost and at a similar quality, these table tops provide a cheap and easy way for more people to get started with the game, whether introducing kids to ping pong or looking for a gift, or just something fun to do with friends or family.

Due to the popularity of the sport the range of ping pong conversion tops today is fairly broad, from high performance, full size table tops down to ¾ size table tennis tables or kids tables. One of the most important things when buying one is getting the size right. We’ve searched the internet for the best it has to offer and written an easy to follow buying guide to help you to make the right decision for you.

But before we start, let’s answer one of the most common questions that get asked around this topic...

Can you put a ping pong table top on a pool table?

Table tennis tables are typically larger than pool tables so most table tennis tops will fit nicely on top of a pool table with no edges showing. A full size pool table in the UK is 7ft and in the US is 8ft, whilst a full size table tennis table is 9ft in length. Many table tennis conversion tops are designed to go on a pool or snooker table.

6 Best Table Tennis Conversion Tops

1. Tekscore Table Tennis Top

A major plus point of the Tekscore 2 piece ping pong table (alongside it’s low price) is the option to purchase in various sizes, whether 7ft, 8ft, or a full size 9ft table tennis table. The Tekscore is built for ease and convenience with the table splitting into two pieces that slide against each other and a high quality net and post that clip on to each side. It’s by far one of the more affordable options and with its high-quality MDF top the value of this table is obvious. What’s more, it has a secure, surface-friendly underside with a foam layer to avoid it scratching or harming your table.

Key features:

  • Price: £
  • Size: Various (7ft, 8ft, 9ft)
  • Accessories: Net, post, 2x table tennis bats, 2x table tennis balls
  • Retailer: Liberty Games

2. Cornilleau Turn2Ping Outdoor Table Tennis Top

For those looking for a table tennis top designed for outdoor use that can withstand adverse weather conditions, this is our strong recommendation to you. This fantastic, high quality 2 piece ping pong table table from the market-leaders in Cornilleau is built with an AluZinc frame for weatherproofing and strength, a high-performance resin playing surface, and comes with a 10-year guarantee too. It’s a full size, regulation table tennis table top that will fit any outdoor pool table or dining table up to 8ft. Get excited about the fun to be had with this table at family barbecues or parties! Or for more outdoor table tennis tables check out our reviews of the Top 10 Outdoor Table Tennis Tables.

Key features:

  • Price: £££
  • Size: 9ft
  • Accessories: Choice of accessory pack
  • Retailer: Liberty Games

3. SignLine Table Tennis Table Top (Indoor or Outdoor)

This table top table is all about the quality of the playing surface. It’s built from multipanel aluminium composite as a full size, regulation ping pong table. Unlike many others on the market it might come in one piece too (depending on location), which is a small sacrifice on ease of storage for a robust, long-lasting table top, so no surprise it comes with a 5 year warranty and is also suitable for outdoor use. You can choose from a variety of colours too including bue, grey, green and even white and is manufactured in the UK.

Key features:

  • Price: £££
  • Size: 9ft
  • Accessories: None
  • Retailer: Amazon

4. Butterfly 6ft Table Tennis Table Top

This 6ft table tennis top from Butterfly is the cheapest option of all our recommendations and one of the best value table tops on the market for those happy with a smaller playing surface. At 6ft it’s equivalent to a mid-size table tennis table that can easily convert any pool or snooker table, desk or dining table in seconds with its straightforward, rapid conversion. At less than £100 it comes with all the accessories you’d need too; clip nets, posts, bats and balls, all with a 12-month warranty from Liberty Games. A fantastic gift for any budding young table tennis player.

Key features:

  • Price: £
  • Size: 6ft
  • Accessories: Net, post, 2x table tennis bats, 3x practice quality table tennis balls
  • Retailer: Liberty Games

5. Butterfly 9ft Full Size Table Tennis Top

When it comes to table tennis, Butterfly is a well known name and real specialist. This table lives up to the Butterfly quality promise with its 19mm thick playing surface which is a great measure of performance. The table top is full size when assembled, which by the way simply means slotting the two halves together and it’s as simple as that (great for storage and transportation). Included in this purchase are two reverse sponge table tennis bats, three practice-quality balls and of course a full size clip net and post set offering everything you need to start playing immediately.

Key features:

  • Price: ££
  • Size: 9ft
  • Accessories: Net, post, 2x table tennis bats, 3x practice quality table tennis balls
  • Retailer: Liberty Games

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Buying Guide

Why buy a table tennis conversion top?

1. Variety

The most common type of conversion top is the ping pong table top for pool tables, as it takes one fun and interesting game in pool, and uses the same space for an entirely new sport that can provide many more hours of fun for the whole family.

2. Storage space

Even the most compact and portable table tennis tables still require a good amount of storage space as they can’t be perfectly flat due to the legs. Table tennis tops can be stored vertically with only a few inches of space required against a wall or in a garage, or slid under a bed for example.

3. Low price

Full size table tennis tables vary in typically from the £300 mark to upwards of £1,500 for more premium tables. However you can buy table tennis conversion tops at a fraction of the cost without compromising on playing quality. This is because you’re not paying for the legs and frame.

4. Great for kids

Table tennis is a fantastic sport for kids not only because it provides them with hours of entertainment and gets them active, but the sport is great for improving hand eye coordination and balance while introducing them to healthy competition. Table top tennis tops or miniature table tennis tables are great for introducing kids to the sport.

5. Portable

A table tennis table top is a lot lighter than a full size table tennis table which makes it incredibly easy to move to different surfaces. In the summer it can go on an outdoor dining table and in the winter indoors on a pool table, dining table or even on the floor to be played on your knees. It’s also a great option for the office.

What to consider when buying a ping pong conversion top?

Size and playing area

Full size table tennis tables are 9ft (2.74m) in length and 5ft (1.53m) in width, and require a playing area that’s 18ft (5.5m) by 11ft (3m.35m) for singles. When buying a ping pong conversion top you’ll typically see the size range from full size (9ft), down to 8ft, 7ft or even 6ft, often without compromising on playing quality too. The small table tops are more common as they’re made to fit typical dining tables and pool table sizes, but if you have the space a regular 9ft table tennis table is a great bet. To understand more about the space you need to play singles or doubles table tennis for different sized tables read our article Table Tennis Size Guide and Dimensions to help you pick the right size for you.


One concern for buyers considering getting a table tennis conversion top is damaging the table underneath it, whether it’s a dining table or pool table. That should never be a worry as most table tops come with a protective foam underside that not only keeps it from chipping the table below, it also helps to keep it in one place during play. If this is a concern for you, be sure to find a table with protective foam.

Height of your table

The standard height of a table tennis table is 76cm (about 30 inches), but it’s unlikely your dining table, pool table or other table will be precisely the right size you need to replicate these strict standards. And that’s completely fine. You typically want to aim for your table to come up to approximately waist height, and if it’s anywhere near that you’ll be able to play a great competitive game of table tennis. If you can’t find a table that’s the right size you can of course get inventive with your area. Consider playing on your knees and propping a table top tennis table up on a few even sized boxes or stools, or even on a bed.

Your budget

A good sign of quality in any table tennis table is the material the playing surface is made from and its thickness, not so much the legs or frame, meaning the range of table tennis conversion tops to choose from can also vary significantly in quality and price. Unlike regular ping pong tables you can pick up a good quality table top for less than £100 (more likely a 6ft table tennis table top), and the price can vary all the way up to about £500. First set your budget, then choose your size, and finally decide on the material and quality you can therefore afford in a table. There really is something out there for all budgets.


Where ping pong table conversion tops really come into their own is when thinking about how little storage space they take up and how portable they are, but it is still important to make sure you have somewhere in mind to keep it when not in use. Because they can be stored flat, consider resting them up against a wall in a basement or garage, under a bed or other table, or even in a cupboard out the way if you choose one of the smaller tables. Remember, a full size table tennis conversion top is 9ft by 5ft, so if you’re going for one of those, double check the measurements or dimensions of your storage area.


Can you make your own ping pong table top?

Creating your own DIY ping pong table can be fairly straightforward if you know how, and can be a cheap alternative to buying one. Follow these 6 steps:

  1. Choose your material: plywood such as fir, pine or spruce is best, and if you buy it from the right place will come sanded down already
  2. Cut to size: for a midsize table cut your wood with a circular saw or even a handsaw to 6ft by 3ft and to at least ¾ of an inch (2cm) in thickness. A lot of good DIY stores will cut it down for you
  3. Paint the wood: clean your wood with a damp cloth and use hard-wearing wood paint in a colour of your choice, most likely with two coats (if it wears, you can always repaint later)
  4. Draw your markings: using a straight level draw a ¾ inch (2cm) line around the table and paint white, or use white vinyl tape. Also draw a 3mm centre line down the middle of the table
  5. Clip on your net: you can easily buy a clip-on table tennis net that’s easily attached at either side of the table and you’re ready to play
  6. Split table in two (optional): if you want your table to be foldable, cut the wood in two and fix a hinge down the middle with long screws to make it even more portable

What is the difference between table tennis and ping pong?

There is no difference in the game play between table tennis and ping pong. In the US the term ping pong is more common, but most professionals around the world refer to the sport as table tennis. There is a common misconception that the rules of play are different but this is not true.


Table tennis conversion tops for pool tables, dining tables or even to be placed on garden furniture are a fantastic alternative to paying out for a full size table tennis table with legs. With a wide range of prices and quality to choose from, our favourite for those on the hunt for a bargain is definitely the Tekscore Table Tennis Top available in various sizes to suit the space you have, and with a 12-month warranty too. If you can push your budget up a bit higher the Cornilleau Turn2Ping Outdoor Table Tennis Top.

Affiliate disclaimer: on some or all of the products above, we receive a small commission if you make a purchase via our site. This does not impact the price you pay, but it allows us to keep helping people by writing these reviews, so thank you!

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