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The 5 Best Outdoor Football Tables in 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide
Last updated 31st March, 2022

Table football (or foosball) is one of those accessible sports that can bring people together around the world. The rules are simple: be the first to score 10 goals past your opponent. But what’s better than playing a few games of table football at a bar or hostel… how about playing in the scorching sun at a home barbecue with close friends and family! And that’s where outdoor foosball tables come in, built to withstand all weather conditions without compromising on playing quality.

But buying an outdoor football table has its challenges. How do I know that my table is weatherproof? What’s the difference between a solid rod and a telescopic rod? We’re here to make it easy to find the best outdoor football table for you, by answering these questions and many more, complete with a list of the best tables you can find on-line.

What is table football called?

Table football comes with a variety of names around the world, from ‘babyfoot’ in France to the more common ‘foosball’ in the US which itself comes from the German word fußball (fussball) simply meaning football. There are more names too, with most of Eastern Europe referring to the sport as ‘kicker’ after one of the early brands to manufacture football tables, and ‘futbolín’ in Spain. Whatever you call it it’s fair to say that it’s an incredibly accessible sport bringing people together in bars and hostels around the globe.

Top 5 Outdoor Football Tables

1. Storm Trolley Folding Outdoor Football Table

This outdoor foosball table really is a one-of-a-kind. It’s very rare to find a table that’s built to be durable and weather resistant, whilst also being foldable for great portability. For those who want the benefit of moving their table around or keeping it out the way locked up in a garage or shed, this really is the best foosball table for you. Its quick folding leg system makes it a breeze too, and once folded is down to less than 30cm in height! What’s more, it’s built with thermoplastic resins and fibres making it rust-free, easy to clean and sturdy. Players are arranged in a classic 1-2-5-3 formation as used in ITSF tournaments too. A real all-rounder!

Key features:

  • Size: Full size pitch. Table size: 76cm (30”) x 133.5cm (53”) x 83cm (33”)
  • Material: Thermoplastic resin body, tempered glass pitch
  • Rod type: Solid
  • Legs and feet: Quick-folding leg system
  • Accessories: 10 Pro foosballs, free cover
  • Price range: ££

2. Storm F2 Outdoor Football Table

Think of this sturdy outdoor football table by Storm as the older brother to our folding table at number 1. The main difference is a stronger, fortified build using the same materials as the folding version (thermoplastic resin and tempered glass) but a little stronger, and four chunky, square legs also made from thermoplastic fibre to be extra durable. What we love about this table is the anti-slip rubber feet and level adjusters on every leg, meaning no matter where you want to put your table you’ll find somewhere that works. No need to worry about uneven surfaces. At a fraction more in price, this option is fantastic if portability is less of a concern.

Key features:

  • Size: Full size pitch. Table size: 76cm (30”) x 138cm (54”) x 87cm (34”)
  • Material: Thermoplastic resin body, tempered glass pitch
  • Rod type: Solid
  • Legs and feet: Bolt on square legs, adjustable rubber feet
  • Accessories: 10 foosballs, free cover
  • Price range: ££

3. Garlando G-500WP Weatherproof Outdoor Football Table

As the official partner of the ITSF, the Italian manufacturer Garlando really are the masters when it comes to building long-lasting football tables, and the G-500WP is a great example of this. From its 9cm square metal legs coated with anti-scratch varnish, to its anti-rust treated nuts and bolts, telescopic rods, and stress-resistant telescopic bars, everything about this table is built for two things: sturdiness and playing quality. The wood grain look of this fussball table helps it to stand out from others too. The handy ball return is a great feature so get ready for hours of fun for years to come.

Key features:

  • Size: Full size pitch. Table size: 110cm (43”) x 143cm (56”) x 88cm (35”)
  • Material: Special weatherproof components and materials, plastic laminate pitch
  • Rod type: Telescopic
  • Legs and feet: Square metal legs
  • Accessories: 10 orange foosballs, free cover
  • Price range: ££

4. FAS Sky Outdoor Football Table

At the slightly lower end of the spectrum on price, and still with a high-spec build and impressive playing quality this eye-catching outdoor foosball table is a great buy for budding players. One brilliant feature is its detachable legs to make storing it when not in use that bit more convenient. Made largely from plastic it’s less heavy than many alternatives too, again great for portability. It’s one of very few tables that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and with its high-tech plastic reinforced fibreglass it’s not only durable but just like other outdoor tables will stand up to all weathers. FAS designed tables are some of more common ones to be seen in pubs and clubs across Europe and beyond, and that’s due to their flexibility and longevity.

Key features:

  • Size: Full size pitch. Table size: 76cm (30”) x 137cm (54”) x 90cm (35”)
  • Material: Plastic and fibreglass
  • Rod type: Solid
  • Legs and feet: Detachable legs
  • Accessories: Foosballs
  • Price range: £

5. Garlando Class WP Outdoor Football Table

For its price, the build quality of this table really is unparalleled. It comes with a sealed cabinet made from waterproof ply to keep the playing surface clean and undamaged, a protective aluminium trim and steel, telescopic rods for both safety and playing quality. No surprise the warranty on this table is up at three years. Unlike some other tables of this quality the strong metal legs are also built with individual level adjusters making finding that flat surface a doddle. To top off what is by some distance our favourite outdoor foosball table, aesthetically it’s brilliant - its blue finish with silver detailing makes it a really feature and talking point of any garden on games day.

Key features:

  • Size: Full size pitch. Table size: 125cm (49”) x 144cm (57”) x 97cm (38”)
  • Material: Waterproof ply cabinet with aluminium trim, ply and plastic laminate pitch
  • Rod type: Telescopic
  • Legs and feet: Strong metal legs with anti-rust, level adjusting feet
  • Accessories: 10 white foosballs, free cover
  • Price range: ££

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Buying Guide

There are a few key things to look out for when choosing the right football table for you, such as the handles and rods which are key to performance and durability, as well as some specific signs of a good quality outdoor foosball table.

What to look for when buying

1. Size and weight

The typical length of a foosball table ranges from around 54 inches (137cm) up to 60 inches (152cm) and sometimes more. If you’re looking for a full size table football table it’s worth keeping close to this range as the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) states that for a table to be regulation it should be 56 (142cm) inches in length. The full dimensions are 56” by 30” by 36”. It’s possible to find smaller versions but these are likely to be tabletop foosball tables or those designed for kids. As for the weight, this varies a lot more and for an outdoor foosball table you can certainly expect to see heavier tables which is a good sign of quality too as they’re typically more robust, hard-wearing and sturdy.

2. Handles and rods

When choosing an outdoor foosball table, or an indoor table for that matter, it’s important to check the handles, rods and players. These are useful tellers of a good quality table and have a big impact on the overall playing quality for obvious reasons. Not only does quality matter, but aesthetically there are several options for what the players look like, whether typical red and blue, more interesting designs or colours, or even painted to resemble actual players with names and more. There are two choices of rods: solid rods and telescopic rods. Solid rods give you more control (and are more hard-wearing) but telescopic rods were initially developed as a safety feature so are preferable when playing with kids. Always look for steel or similar for whichever type you choose (preferably coated with something to prevent rust such as chromium), with springs to protect the inner walls of the table too.

3. Suitable for outside


As with pool tables you’ll see foosball tables built from a wider variety of materials, often multiple together too. Importantly, the material used to build the frame of a table football table is what best differentiates an indoor table from one designed to be played on outside. Whilst indoor versions are typically made using simple MDF, metal, or even plastic, outdoor foosball tables are a little more specific. Whilst those same three materials are still used, you’re more likely to see marine plywood (less so MDF), thermoplastic resin (to be entirely waterproof), or several types of metal treated to minimise any corrosion. Of course, with each of these comes pros and cons, like difference in weight, price and sturdiness. Treated metal is heavier but typically lasts longer. Thermoplastic resin is perhaps the most protected to the elements but it can come with a price tag. And marine plywood foosball tables are the value choice.

Legs and levelers:

An important consideration before choosing your all weather foosball table is where you’re going to put it, as this has implications for the type of table you go for. From the material outlined above, to the legs and whether or not you need those with in-built levellers, it all contributes to the playing quality. Some tables will have legs with individual level adjusters to help you find a perfectly even surface, because hey - if you can’t find a flat surface (or close to flat) it’s a very different game you’ll end up playing. It’s also possible to find folding foosball tables but they’re a little less common and typically less robust and sturdy too. If you’re not sure what’s right for you why not use a spirit level to check the area you intend to put your table in is level, and if it’s already an even surface you can be happy in knowing you’re a little less restricted in your choices.


Some outdoor foosball tables will come with a cover included but not all of them, and it really is an essential if you want your table to stay in the same great condition for years to come. When looking for a cover remember that indoor and outdoor covers do vary, so look out for those that are heavy duty, and that will grip tightly around your table to avoid any moisture seeping in or wind blowing the cover off. If you don’t manage to find a cover that fastens securely you could even be at risk of your cover forming a parachute and dragging your table across the garden or patio. Our recommendation is the Norditalia Football Table Cover, a heavy duty, weather resistant cover with a drawstring fastener to hug any foosball table tightly.


What’s the difference between an indoor and outdoor football table?

The difference between indoor and outdoor foosball tables is largely the materials used to build the frame, handles and rods. Outdoor tables require anti-rust materials and protective coats. Thermoplastic resin bodies are common amongst some manufacturers to avoid rotting and corrosion that you might expect if you were to use wooden or metal tables outside. The shape, size, number of players and most functional aspects of foosball tables will be the same for indoor and outdoor versions.

Should I buy a football table cover?

It’s worth investing in a good quality football table cover even though outdoor football tables are built to be waterproof and wind resistant. There are various options to choose from, some of which are designed for indoor foosball tables and are less protective, whilst others are designed to offer an extra layer of protection from rain, direct sunlight and humidity. These are typically made from polyester or a cotton blend and are form-fitting to hug the table and avoid any water creeping in and causing rust or damp.


So when it comes to buying an outdoor foosball table there are a few more things to consider than for indoor versions. Ultimately these come down to the material, portability and quality of the legs. We’ve made sure each of the tables we recommend are suitable for the outdoors and can stand up to all weather conditions. If you’re after a highly portable table that’s not only foldable but built for performance, the Storm Trolley Folding Outdoor Football Table is our preferred choice. But if what matters above all else is playing quality and longevity, the Garlando Class WP Outdoor Football Table really is our top pick for so many reasons. And we’re sure you can see why!

Affiliate disclaimer: on some or all of the products above, we receive a small commission if you make a purchase via our site. This does not impact the price you pay, but it allows us to keep helping people by writing these reviews, so thank you!

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