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The 3 Absolute Essentials Every Man Cave Needs
Last updated 19th May, 2020

Picture the scene: glass of whiskey in hand, A-ha playing from a vintage jukebox, sunk into your wing-backed chair deciding whether or not to set up another game of pool…

Now ask yourself where were you? And if the answer isn’t in your very own man cave you’ve got some work to do. But don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

We’ve read every single article or blog on man caves that the internet has to offer, and spent days trawling vintage fairs and luxury furniture shops, and what we’ve found is that actually, there are only 3 things that every ultimate man cave truly needs, and here they are…

1. Games room

For when you’re playing host to poker night…

It’s no shock to say that no man cave is ever complete without an all singing all dancing games room, but the key to pure man cave bliss, and a man cave that everyone is jealous of, is combining the new and the old... That means finding space for those vintage arcade machines, from pinball to pac-man, as well as state of a state of the art pool table or table tennis table (or better yet, one that can double up as both!

2. Home bar

For after a long day at work…

Perhaps the first on everyone’s man cave wish-list (it certainly was for me…). Now home bars come in all shapes and sizes, and the question to ask is how do you plan on using it? Are you looking for something small to quench your first for a cheeky IPA or single malt whiskey after a long day at work? If so, perhaps free-standing home bar unit is what you’re after, or even a bar butler or home pub bar table.

On the other hand, if you’re the one in the group that always hosts whenever there’s a get together (because that’s just your role and everyone knows there’ll be beer on tap and some snacks to-die-for), then you may need to up your game, which means finding the perfect bar stool, and maybe the odd luxury here and there, like a light ice bucket or barrel coffee table!... the opportunities really are endless.

3. Home cinema

For ultimate switch on to switch off relaxation…

Finally, the last absolute must-have for us is a true technophile’s home cinema. There’s no half measures on this one, it simply has to have the works. First things first, you’ve got to decide on your cinema screen… Your options are to go for a large TV screen or a home cinema projector, and this all boils down to space. If you’ve got the wall space the projector is an absolute no-brainer for us, it really creates that true cinema experience.

Next up is surround sound, and these come in all shapes and sizes, so think space and think budget, because you can get anything from the full home cinema speaker package to wall bracket speakers. Not forgetting, last but certainly not least, a good old fashioned man-sized beanbag… because no matter how great the screen and surround sound, ultimate relaxation can only come from a great piece of furniture to melt into.

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